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Loughrea RFC was originally formed in the early 1920s, which makes it one of the oldest clubs in Connaught. Early progress on the field was dramatic and culminated in the winning of the Connaught Senior Cup in 1931 when Loughrea beat Ballina.

The years of World War II saw the decline of the club and as a of result it ceased to exist in the late 1940's.

The club was reformed in 1968 when the emphasis was put on youth rugny. In 1970 a powerful Loughrea U/18 side swept all before them. They went on to form the core of exceptionally strong Loughrea sides in the 70s and 80s leading to the unique achievement of winning both the Connacht Junior 'A' and 'B' Cups on the same day in 1982. Cup wins followed in 84 and 86 before the team began to break up.

Loughrea RFC has produced many fine players but none more so than Ciaran Fitzgerald who captained Ireland to two triple crowns in 1982 and 1985 and also captained the British Lions on a tour to New Zealand.

The last decade has seen the club regroup and restructure and the implementation and adhereance to a five year development plan has seen the club fortune improve dramatically both on and of the pitch.

Loughrea RFC currently fields teams in all grades from mini-rugby through youth to two adult sides. Player numbners at all graded continue to increae year on year.

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